Priscotty Delivery Partners with Cookies Cannabis Brand In Albuquerque New Mexico

8 November 2023

This week, Priscotty, a leading B2C cannabis delivery service in New Mexico, and renowned Cookies brand solidified a powerful business partnership to provide free cannabis delivery of premium cannabis and streetwear throughout the Albuquerque, New Mexico metro area.

Get To Know Priscotty

Established in 2022, Priscotty has swiftly emerged as one of the most rapidly growing cannabis companies in New Mexico. The company specializes in delivery technology, facilitating a seamless and cost-effective home delivery service for its dispensary partners. Priscotty has formed partnerships with more than 45 dispensaries in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico, offering a diverse selection of cannabis products and competitive pricing to cater to the preferences of cannabis enthusiasts in the region. Their innovative approach aligns with the evolving dynamics of the cannabis industry.

“We take immense pride in our collaboration with Cookies in Albuquerque. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve rapidly in New Mexico, we are excited to assist them in growing their empire by making it easy and affordable for consumers to obtain their products. Although it’s a tough challenge to replicate their one-of-a kind in store experience, we aim to make receiving their products through Priscotty feel as cool as consuming it”.
Scott Prisco - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Priscotty

Cookies Cannabis Brand Expands To Abuqruque, New Mexico

Renowned cannabis brand, Cookies, with its billion-dollar international status, is set to expand its footprint to Albuquerque New Mexico. The Cookies dispensary will be located downtown at 1340 Broadway Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87102 . This expansion is the result of a strategic partnership between Cookies, a San Francisco-based cannabis company, and Byron Butcher, the CEO of Hi Extracts and Bloom New Mexico. Stay tuned for the latest developments.

The Story Behind Cookies Cannabis Brand

Founded in 2012 by Berner, the iconic Bay Area rapper and savvy entrepreneur, in collaboration with his partner Jigga, an adept cultivator and breeder hailing from the Bay Area, Cookies marks a transformative and invaluable period in the brand's rich history. This epoch was characterized by the fusion of cutting-edge genetics, the omnipresence of the internet, the rhythms of the music world, and the pioneering spirit behind the creation of a streetwear brand centered around the Cookies identity. This phase saw unwavering support from the music industry, coupled with the brand's growth and breeding projects meticulously documented through social media and engaging YouTube vlogs, enabling the community to partake in this journey and fostering an unwavering grassroots following.

Presently, Cookies stands tall as one of California's most venerable and highest-selling cannabis brands, enjoying global acclaim. The brand proudly boasts an extensive catalog featuring over 50 cannabis strains and product lines spanning indoor, outdoor, and sun-grown flower, pre-rolls, gel caps, and vape cartridges. Anchored by flagship Cookies stores strategically located in Los Angeles on Melrose and Maywood, with a third location in Redding, the brand's unwavering commitment to vertical integration and a comprehensive seed-to-sale business model ensures a meticulous grasp of quality at every phase, from cultivation and production right up to the ultimate retail experience.

In 2015, Cookies made a seamless transition into the world of streetwear, enhancing its already substantial hip-hop pedigree. Today, it offers an impressive array of products designed for both men and women in the apparel and accessories categories. 

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