Priscotty Delivery Partners with Purlife in New Mexico

10 November 2023

This week marked the establishment of a robust business collaboration between Priscotty, a prominent B2C cannabis delivery service in New Mexico, and the esteemed Purlife brand. Together, they are committed to offering complimentary (free) cannabis delivery services featuring premium cannabis and stylish streetwear across the Albuquerque and Santa Fe metro areas.

More About Priscotty

Founded in 2022, Priscotty has quickly become one of the fastest-growing cannabis enterprises in New Mexico. The company focuses on delivery technology, streamlining and enhancing home delivery services for its dispensary collaborators in a cost-effective manner. Priscotty has established affiliations with over 45 dispensaries in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico, presenting a varied array of cannabis products at competitive prices to meet the diverse preferences of cannabis enthusiasts in the area. Their forward-thinking approach is in harmony with the changing dynamics of the cannabis industry.

“We take immense pride in our collaboration with Purlife in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. As we look to expand our delivery footprint in New Mexico, securing a big well respected operator like Purlife is a huge step in the right direction”.
Scott Prisco - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Priscotty

About Purlife Dispensary In Albuquerque New Mexico 

At PurLife, they believe in the transformative impact of marijuana. From its calming and therapeutic qualities to its numerous medical benefits, PurLife is dedicated to supplying premium cannabis to promote and champion healthier, wholesome living.

Every day, the dedicated staff at PurLife strives to make marijuana and its advantages easily accessible throughout New Mexico. Seasoned cultivators nurture plants, and knowledgeable budtenders offer recommendations, all with the aim of providing patients in Albuquerque, Farmington, Las Cruces, and beyond with the potent properties of cannabis.

The product lineup at PurLife represents a distinctive blend of quality, innovation, and expertise. The Grow Team, pioneers in cannabis cultivation, employs innovative methods to ensure the highest quality and a consistently safe product. PurLife prioritizes innovation to stay aligned with industry shifts, enabling them to offer cutting-edge products and services. As a seasoned cannabis producer, PurLife is committed to guiding customers toward relief, wellness, and overall well-being.

The mission at PurLife centers on delivering top-notch CBD and THC products, made possible by their knowledgeable staff. They extend an invitation for individuals to explore their offerings today because, at PurLife, what they do is more than just a job—it's their passion and purpose.

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