The Priscotty Cannabis Delivery Company Team Photo Out Making Deliveries in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Our Mission

Founded in 2022, Priscotty is a cutting edge technology company that enables cannabis dispensaries the ability to provide their customers with streamlined access to cannabis delivery. Priscotty's goal is to change the way individuals access cannabis by building products and services that empower dispensaries and their cannabis consumers.

Through pioneering new approaches to delivery and logistics, Priscotty allows cannabis consumers to receive their favorite products with ease and on their terms in a safe, discrete manner.

Aside from helping our local business partners flourish and navigate the cannabis industry, we create job opportunities of our own as we develop and grow alongside them. Priscotty augments and enhances the cannabis experience in New Mexico for consumers and retailers while creating new opportunities in the local economy.

By placing ourselves at the forefront of this developing ecosystem, we aim to pave a bright future for cannabis in New Mexico and beyond, one partnership and delivery at a time.

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