Everything To Know About Cannabis Delivery in New York

The Dawn of Cannabis Delivery in New York's Legal Market

New York's legal cannabis market has ventured into uncharted territory - consumers can now enjoy the convenience of having cannabis products delivered straight to their doorstep. This marks a groundbreaking moment as New York introduces the cannabis delivery license, granting licensees the ability to deliver cannabis and related products independently through delivery applications. The potential for success in this endeavor is particularly high in urban environments, and New York City is no exception.

To offer an in-depth understanding of the regulatory and compliance intricacies associated with cannabis delivery, particularly for dispensaries venturing into municipalities across New York, including New York City's five boroughs, Long Island, Syracuse, Westchester County, and other regions of the state, we have prepared the following guide.

New York Cannabis Delivery Licensing Requirements

In New York, specific requirements govern the delivery of cannabis products, which include:

  • Age Requirement for Delivery: Cannabis businesses in New York must implement an age-restriction mechanism to ensure that individuals under the legal age of 21 cannot access websites or digital applications for placing delivery orders. Customers must confirm their legal age for cannabis consumption (21+) at the time of purchase. An additional identity check must be conducted by the delivery employee during the actual delivery to complete an order.
  • Delivery Records: Delivery employees are mandated to maintain a detailed inventory log of all cannabis products in their possession. This log must include information such as the type of product, brand, retail value, tracking identifiers, and the precise weight or volume of the product. All cannabis products prepared for an order must be accurately recorded. A log that documents all stops from departure to return is also required. These records must be kept for a minimum of five years and made available upon request by the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM).

Security Measures for Cannabis Delivery in New York

Security is of paramount concern for cannabis delivery in New York. Dispensaries must take the following security measures:

  • Implementing and Maintaining a Security Plan: Dispensaries are required to have a comprehensive security plan.
  • Securing Entrances: All entrances to the licensed facility must be secured to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Sufficient Illumination: Both the interior and exterior perimeter of the facility must be adequately illuminated for effective surveillance.
  • Landscaping Maintenance: Trees, bushes, and other foliage outside the licensed premises must be maintained to prevent individuals from concealing themselves.
  • Security System: New York dispensaries are also required to have a security system that utilizes commercial-grade equipment to prevent and detect diversion, theft, or loss. This system includes a perimeter alarm, video camera surveillance, a failure notification system, limited access to surveillance areas, and regular equipment inspections.

Comprehensive Training for Delivery Employees

Delivery employees must undergo training on various topics, including:

  • Safe Use of Cannabis Products
  • Prevention of Sales to Minors
  • Security and Surveillance of Licensed Premises
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Compliance with Inventory Tracking Systems
  • Understanding State and Federal Laws
  • Handling Investigations or Inspections
  • Awareness of Civil and Criminal Penalties
  • Managing Atypical or Exceptional Delivery Circumstances
  • Cannabis Product Waste Disposal
  • Maintaining Customer Privacy and Confidentiality

Secure Storage of Cannabis Products

Cannabis products should be securely stored in areas accessible only to authorized dispensary employees. These storage areas should be kept accessible to the minimum number of employees necessary for efficient operations and should remain locked when not in use. Unauthorized access to cannabis is prohibited, and products should not be stored in a vehicle overnight.

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